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Soderberg Manufacturing has been serving the Military and Commercial Aircraft Industries, as well as Transportation Industries, for over 70 years; working closely with top companies such as Lockheed Martin Aero, Boeing, Northrop, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Honeywell, Bombardier, General Dynamics, among others.

Soderberg Manufacturing produces a wide array of Interior & Exterior aircraft lighting fixtures and electronics, engineered and manufactured nearly 100% at our Walnut, California facility. Our lighting product line includes, but is not limited to: Navigation, Formation, Anti-Collision, In-Flight Refueling, Landing/Taxi, Tail Illumination, Interior/Utility, & Emergency Lights among others. Our lights are available in single or dual mode, Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Compatible, covert Infrared (I.R.), Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Friendly; Light Emitting Diodes (LED), etc. Our products are built from concept to production under one roof in southern California.

Soderberg Manufacturing Company, Inc. - About Soderberg

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Soderberg Manufacturing Company, Inc. - About Soderberg



Located in Walnut, California, our facility is fully equipped with all the tools and staff needed to design, engineer, prototype, machine, paint, and assemble any product in our field of expertise. 19,500 square feet of the 22,560-square foot building are dedicated to production,manufacturing, and quality control.

By controlling all aspects of manufacturing within one building, Soderberg Manufacturing has streamlined the production process to eliminate errors and wasted time in the building of our products.

Our in-house machine shop is well-appointed with the latest state-of- the-art equipment including the following Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines: two 7-Axis Lathes, one 3-Axis Lathe and two 2-Axis Lathes; two 360° Index Palletized Mills, four 360° Indexing mills, one mill/drill tap and one 4-Axis mill. In addition: an extensive collection of conventional Punch Presses, Drill Presses, Screw Machines, Mills, Lathes, etc.

Soderberg is also equipped with an Environmental and Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) testing center for qualification needs such as: Acceleration, Safety Loads, Crash Loads, Temperature Cycle, Temperature Shock, ESS Temperature Test, Photometric/Radiometric, Acceptance Testing, and pre-compliance EMI. We are also fully equipped with a lighting lab capable of performing all types of light output measurement, including: NVIS Radiance, Chromaticity, Luminance, Spectral Radiance, and Light Intensity.

Soderberg Manufacturing also produces all of our own tooling, thanks to the master toolmakers within our employ. Our toolmakers have a combined tool making experience of 150 years, ensuring that all tooling is made to precise tolerances in the finest tradition.

Soderberg Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Capabilities
Soderberg Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Capabilities


Soderberg Manufacturing is currently approved and registered to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100/2016 Rev D accreditation. All units produced by Soderberg Manufacturing undergo rigorous testing/inspection during manufacturing to ensure the delivery of conforming products. Click here to view our QA Certificate of Registration.

Soderberg Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Awards

Awards and Recognition


2015: Lockheed Martin Aero

LMCO Supplier of the Year Award

2011: Lockheed Martin Aero

LMCO Supplier of the Year Award

September 2009: The Boeing Company

Soderberg Manufacturing presented with "The Boeing Performance Excellence Award" , in recognition of Superior Supplier Performance as measured in BEST, Boeing Enterprise Supplier Tool.

May 1st, 2002: Boeing Aircraft Co.

Soderberg Manufacturing was honored with a presentation of the Boeing Q100 Supplier Quality Recognition Award. This award is given to only the top 100 suppliers (out of potentially thousands) rated in overall performance of quality and delivery.

June, 2002: Defense Supply Center Richmond

Awarded "Best Value Silver Medalist"

October 1998: Lockheed Martin

"Star Supplier Award"

April 8th, 1993: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace

Soderberg Manufacturing Recognized with "Preferred Supplier Certification" for Excellence in Product Performance, Process Control and Business Processes with Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction.

December 13th, 1993: Northrop Aircraft Division

"Key Plan Award" In Recognition of Superior and Sustained Excellence

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