Soderberg Manufacturing has been selected to provide six NVIS compatible interior lighting systems and nine of the twelve exterior lighting systems used on the Taiwanese F-16 NVIS Retrofit Program. This program is expected to lead to retrofitting other F-16 fleets around the globe. Soderberg’s dedication and innovation on this program led to Lockheed nominating Soderberg for the Aviation Week and Space Technologies Program Excellence Award 2015.

F-16 Needs an LED Upgrade; Soderberg Makes that Happen

One aspect of this NVIS retrofit program was the conversion of the existing Anti-Collision Light System to a LED Visible/Covert unit, a complex task which required an overhaul of both the Anti-Collision Light and its Power Supply. Although the end result appears simple the project was challengingly intricate and took nearly two years from concept to completion. The end result is a drop-in-place unit exceeding customer expectations in a smaller package with an average power draw of less than 40VA.

Another new product is an LED Dual-Mode replacement for the Supplemental Wingtip Navigation Lights. Along with being a direct replacement for the existing incandescent fixtures, these units boast easily replaceable LED modules, a similar dimming curve to regular halogen bulbs, dimmable covert functionality, improved light distribution, and superior light output.